Reasons Why GI is The Best Community in NZ – Introduction

Hi, everyone!
Yesterday for literacy, I had to list reasons for why Glen Innes is the best community in New Zealand.
Today we had to use the reasons from yesterday to create an introduction paragraph.
Making this short piece of writing was pretty fun but it was also a little bit tricky finding out how to word each sentence.



          Glen Innes, a small community in New Zealand yet full of many people with big hearts. As of 2021, G.I. has become a home to over 8,873 people. The general environment radiates positive and friendly energy, welcoming everybody with open arms. This friendly suburb offers many schools that teach a variety of students of different ages and years, making it a perfect location for you to receive good education. Glen Innes is also packed with a wide range of stores almost everywhere you go, adding to the many reasons why this suburb is the best community in New Zealand.

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