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Would You Rather Be Sticky or Itchy Forever?

Hi, everyone!

Today for Cybersmart with Mr. Goodwin, Room 4 learnt about Google Forms and we even made our own. We learnt how to add images to the form so that it could be more interesting for the person answering it. I based my form on the question “Would you rather be sticky forever, or itchy forever?

Personally, I think I would choose itchy forever and just use some itching cream, and just hope that it relieves the itching. The image attached below is what my classmates chose, but what would you choose?



If you would like to answer the form, here it is :))

Personal Vs. Private Information

Hello, everyone!

Today in Cybersmart with Mr. Goodwin, Room 4 learnt about what type of information is appropriate to share online, and what is not. On the second page of the slide deck below, we had to sort the type of information that can be public, and what should be private.

I hope you enjoy :))

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