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Hi, everyone!

Today for Maths, Room 4 was learning all about ratio and how to simplify it, too. We even did a little Raro experiment to see how much more powder we’d need to add to the drink for it to be stronger using ratio.

Below is the task we had to do all about ratio!

Hope you enjoy :))


Weather Man Worries

Hello, everyone!

Today’s maths task was about learning how to identify the order of a certain set of weather descriptions. I worked with Mary, and together we found out how warm or cold it was in the different places listed in New Zealand, along with what order they come in.

I hope this makes sense and that you enjoy :))


Speed Skills

Hi, everyone!

This was my maths task from yesterday all about time.

For me, some of the questions were really tricky to figure out but with the help of some of my friends, we got there in the end! I hope that with more practise, I can be more confident in my ability to solve tricky problems relating to time.

I hope you enjoy :))