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Building Our Class Treaty!

Hi, everyone!

Today, Room 4 worked on building up our class treaty!

We did this by all participating in very amusing challenges done in groups of four. My group consisted of me, Jacob, Kristopher, and Lynette! We had so much fun during all three tasks, but had to work together as a team as well!

Below are some images and descriptions of each of the challenges that we had to do.

I hope you enjoy :))


I don’t have any pictures of the first task, but basically we had to create a bridge using paper! I think we ended up with a pretty decent-ish product, though!

For the second challenge, we had to try and build the tallest tower out of the other teams! At first, we were going to create a flat base using a group of straws, but realised soon after that it would be tricky for the actual tower to stick to a wavy platform from the straws on the bottom.

So we switched to a vertical group of straws spread sort of evenly, and then we put some tape on the sides of the base and connected it to the desks for a more stronger base. However, later into the challenge, we ended up taping a group of straws together and then placed it inside of the tape, if that makes sense.

For the tower itself though, we cut two decent sized slits on one side of a straw, and then connected another straw to it by sliding it down the two slits, and then repeated the process again and again!

At the end, we did end up having the tallest tower that was so tall, it almost touched the ceiling! It wasn’t too stable though, so it ended up tipping over slowly once I let it go. It was still very fun, though !!

The last task we did was by far the most challenging, and definitely required a lot more communication with your teammates! We had to first tie four strings that were about 9 centimetres long onto a very stretchy rubber band, and then we each had to take one piece and pull to stretch the rubber band in order for us to grab a cup and then create a tower! And we weren’t allowed to touch the cups with our hands at all, too.

We managed to finish our tower second, but I then had to go off to a Prefects meeting so I wasn’t there for the rest of the challenge however, from the picture above, I have a feeling that they just tried seeing who could build the tallest tower!

A Surprise Local Delicacy

Hi, everyone!

This morning during literacy, my class had to partner up with a buddy to try a surprise “local delicacy” (as Mr. Moran described it). I looked forward to it, but was also very nervous. Below is a short descriptive piece of writing based on what happened! :))


Usually when you get told that you’d be eating a local delicacy blindfolded as it would a surprise, you would think that you’d be munching on some sort of sweet treat with a gentle coat of sugar on top. Well that was what I convinced myself into believing, and I was totally wrong. My sweet fantasy would soon be disrupted by the citric acid coating on a small sphere that would be stinging my tongue like there was no tomorrow.

Because I couldn’t see it at first, the acid felt sort of spiky, and I almost thought that it would be some sort of insect’s head. It didn’t help that beforehand, Maria was gagging and saying stuff like, “Ew, it looks so weird!” 

I first smelt it, but for me, it didn’t really have a scent at all. So when it was time to taste the treat, I was too nervous that I just took a small lick, but even so, it was still so incredibly sour that I most definitely was not going to eat the rest of it.