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Responsibility Acrostic Poem

Hi, everyone!!

This was the inquiry acrostic poem task for the homework I completed yesterday. It was a bit hard thinking of different words to describe responsibility, but with a bit of help from my friend, I managed to finish it! I hope that it turned out nicely :))


W9T1 Homework Sheet

Hello, everyone!!

This is my online copy of this week’s homework sheet since I couldn’t get a paper one. Most of the text is really small because I tried fitting everything in without making the text size super tiny, so it may be a little hard to read. I’m going to be making the inquiry task poem shortly after this, but I hope you enjoy this blog post!


(For Youtube, it says thirteen, but Youtube Kids is open for children younger than that age, and Youtube is also open to those with a parent monitored account, etc.)

Home Learning/Reading – Week 4

Hi, everyone!

For homework this week, we had to select a book and write a paragraph
about what we read and our prediction of what we think will happen next.
I chose to read Ella Diaries: Dreams Come True since I haven’t read it in a while, resulting in
me not exactly remembering each and every event that takes place in this book.

The thing with Ella Diaries books are that there are no chapters for each sort of act,
so I just read the first few pages of the book instead.

I hope you enjoy reading my summary and prediction below!


Official book synopsis for more context:
Ella DREAMS of meeting pop star Cassi Valentine. She has all the song and merchandise- even Bob has a Cassi Valentine bandanna! But when the school enters a competition to win a visit from the star, Ella and her WORST ENEMY EVER, Peach Parker, have to work together. Can they put aside their differences? The whole school is COUNTING on them!

Summary of what I’ve read:
The first thing Ella discusses is how much she absolutely adores Cassi Valentine!! She lists a few things as to why this is, one of those reasons being her song lyrics and music style in general. She even mentions how she has basically every single thing of Cassi Valentine’s like her songs downloaded onto her MP3 player, Cassi Valentine lunchbox and drink bottle, tote bag, and sun visor, even adding in that her dog, (Bob), has a Cassi bandanna!

10 pages into the book, Ella brings up that Cassi’s record company is running a competion where they’d have to make a video about performing arts at their school for a chance for a free lunchtime concert from Cassi herself! Honestly if I were them, I’d be flipping out because imagine having a well-known, famous artist possibly coming to your school?!

My prediction of what’ll happen next:
From the synopsis, I think we can already tell that it won’t exactly be good. The bright side is that Cassi will choose them to be the winning school, (I know this because I’ve read this before and I just have a feeling since this book will most likely have a happy ending), however, Ella will be paired up with Peach who’s literally like her worst enemy in the whole entire galaxy, at this point.

There will definitely be a lot of drama coming up soon but until then, I can’t wait to continue reading this book for either next week’s homework, or just for fun!