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Reasons Why GI is The Best Community in NZ

Hello, everyone!
This is my writing task about why GI (Glen Innes) is the best community in NZ.
I had to list multiple reasons to prove this statement right and each reason is listed below.
I then made the reasons that I would actually use in italic before adding 3 bullet points underneath that reason to break the paragraph apart. We didn’t do any actual writing today, just planning.


– the general environment. (it’s bright and positive.)
• as mentioned above, it’s bright and positive and just generally gives off a good vibe.
• full of friendly people.
• nice plants.

– the many schools.
• many schools that teach students of different years etc.
• the free lunch that gets delivered to the schools.
• tons and tons of people for you to meet and possibly become friends with.

– tons of stores.
• there are many dairies and bakery’s, like, almost everywhere you go.
• many stores that vary in items and things that they sell, making it easy for you to find what you may be looking for.
• the staff/employees are friendly and most are easy to approach.

– interesting and cool artwork (spray) painted on walls.
(I didn’t use this one.)