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We Know The Way

Hi, everyone!

This morning, Pt England School had our first assembly for the term, and we were introduced to the new inquiry theme. Our teachers preformed their acts, (or presented their movie to us), as a way of informing their team what they would be focusing on for the term. Examples: coding, navigation, etc.

My favourite act was most definitely Team Five’s. Unfortunately, none of the teachers from the Team Five space could take images of their performance since they were all on stage. I enjoyed the way that the characters’ personalities were realistic. And, of course, I enjoyed how Mrs. Illaoa’s character helped out her friend when she was struggling.

It’s very important to help out your friends with things you can help them with, when they’re in need. And for Mrs. Illaoa’s character, she could help out Miss Hall’s character out with controlling her robot- which leads us to what we will be focusing on this term: coding to make our sprites from Scratch–and maybe even some robots–do the appropriate actions that we coded them to do.

I’m very excited for this term, and I hope it’s full of amazing things in store for everybody.