Art Works

Hello everyone!

Because today is the first day of Term 3, Pt England School had an immersion assembly this morning for us to get introduced into this term’s inquiry theme. “Art Works” is what the teachers decided on. Each team will be learning about different types and forms of art such as acting, painting, singing, etc!

My favourite act/item from this morning is probably Team 1’s because the teachers from there drew a simple silhouette of a human body, but as Mr J read out some scenarios, they painted parts of the body certain colours to represent the emotions that they were feeling. Yellow for joy, blue for sadness, and such!

At first, I wasn’t too sure what the colours meant until a little bit later, but even so, the meaning behind the artwork about feelings I think is very beautiful and shows that everybody feels different emotions and that’s okay.

I’m very excited for this term and the things that Team 5 will learn because I generally just love art. I look forward to everything that I’ll be creating and doing this term, and I hope you are, too :))

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