Reasons Why GI is The Best Community in NZ

Hello, everyone!
This is my writing task about why GI (Glen Innes) is the best community in NZ.
I had to list multiple reasons to prove this statement right and each reason is listed below.
I then made the reasons that I would actually use in italic before adding 3 bullet points underneath that reason to break the paragraph apart. We didn’t do any actual writing today, just planning.


– the general environment. (it’s bright and positive.)
• as mentioned above, it’s bright and positive and just generally gives off a good vibe.
• full of friendly people.
• nice plants.

– the many schools.
• many schools that teach students of different years etc.
• the free lunch that gets delivered to the schools.
• tons and tons of people for you to meet and possibly become friends with.

– tons of stores.
• there are many dairies and bakery’s, like, almost everywhere you go.
• many stores that vary in items and things that they sell, making it easy for you to find what you may be looking for.
• the staff/employees are friendly and most are easy to approach.

– interesting and cool artwork (spray) painted on walls.
(I didn’t use this one.)

My Dream Home

Hi, everyone!
This piece of writing is an explanation writing about what my dream home would be.
Writing this was very fun and I really enjoyed visioning the image of my dream home in my mind.


Owning a house with all of the desired features, furniture, and rooms that you could only dream of, would be nice, wouldn’t it? Well, I think that it most definitely would be. So here it is, my dream home!

Let’s begin with the exterior.
Ideally, the outside would be painted a chiffon white and there would be some short-ish flowers propped inside of two white and small baskets that are connected to the bottom of a window sill.

The grass surrounding the home would be trimmed to a very short length. The entire exterior and house itself would give off the vibes of the light cottagecore aesthetic.

The house would have one flight of stairs with my bedroom located somewhere up there.

Walking inside, the hallway would be a huge, open space with shiny and clean walls. My dream home would absolutely not have a chandelier because I can’t imagine what I would do and the mess it would make if the fancy piece of decoration shattered.

My dream kitchen would be not too small but also not too big either. I don’t have any desired features for the kitchen, but I would love a small island. The living room would be small with soft and comfortable couches.

Somewhere upstairs in my dream house, there’d be a seperate room that would be the movie theater! It would have a wide screen with a few rows of seats (around 4), and in the front, there’d be some beanbags. This is apart of my dream house because it would be so exciting having a movie theater.

Like, you don’t need to go to the mall or something, you can just stay inside and enjoy a movie or show in the comfort of your own home! And, I don’t know about you, but I enjoy staying at home most of the time.

Something I’m not so sure if I’d want in my dream house is a library. It would definitely be cool if the room would be full of shelves that have books that I would enjoy reading. For example, wouldn’t it be insanely cool if there were all of the Harry Potter books inside of the library? I would love that.

Of course, I can’t forget my bedroom! It wouldn’t be too big, but big enough so things like a bed, mirror, and drawers can all be spread about. I would definitely love a small seat that is placed near a window with that part of the room curving in – I hope that’s how you word it?

In the backyard, there’d be a wide swimming pool built into the ground with a swing located somewhere near the fence that would separate my house from the neighbors.

So that’s my dream home; what would yours be like? Would it have similar features to mine? Or would yours be the total and complete opposite? Writing this was super fun and maybe one day I’ll actually be able to own a house similar to the one described in this piece of writing!

About Me!

Thaliswoba, my name is Aye :))

This year, I am a year 8 student at Pt England School and am lucky enough to be a prefect! My family and I are all Arakanese/Rakhine. I have 3 younger siblings and two of them attend Pt England School with me.

My home and maths class teacher for this year is Miss Hall, and my literacy teacher is Mr Moran.

My favourite colour can change quite often but as of right now, it is probably salmon pink (#FF92A5).
I am a major Harry Potter, It, Stranger Things, Spider-Man, Fear Street, and music, enthusiast!

My favourite food / drink is Mango and Mango smoothies.

Here is a link to my previous blog I had that’s full of all of my work from years 1 to 7: click here.

I am very excited for this year and I hope that this year will be full of amazing things for everyone!

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