We Know The Way

Hi, everyone!

This morning, Pt England School had our first assembly for the term, and we were introduced to the new inquiry theme. Our teachers preformed their acts, (or presented their movie to us), as a way of informing their team what they would be focusing on for the term. Examples: coding, navigation, etc.

My favourite act was most definitely Team Five’s. Unfortunately, none of the teachers from the Team Five space could take images of their performance since they were all on stage. I enjoyed the way that the characters’ personalities were realistic. And, of course, I enjoyed how Mrs. Illaoa’s character helped out her friend when she was struggling.

It’s very important to help out your friends with things you can help them with, when they’re in need. And for Mrs. Illaoa’s character, she could help out Miss Hall’s character out with controlling her robot- which leads us to what we will be focusing on this term: coding to make our sprites from Scratch–and maybe even some robots–do the appropriate actions that we coded them to do.

I’m very excited for this term, and I hope it’s full of amazing things in store for everybody.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Hello, everyone!!

This was my reading task all about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Everything that’s going on in the world right now revolving around this current situation is very scary and not something to joke about. I wish everyone living in or near Ukraine all the best!


Responsibility Acrostic Poem

Hi, everyone!!

This was the inquiry acrostic poem task for the homework I completed yesterday. It was a bit hard thinking of different words to describe responsibility, but with a bit of help from my friend, I managed to finish it! I hope that it turned out nicely :))


W9T1 Homework Sheet

Hello, everyone!!

This is my online copy of this week’s homework sheet since I couldn’t get a paper one. Most of the text is really small because I tried fitting everything in without making the text size super tiny, so it may be a little hard to read. I’m going to be making the inquiry task poem shortly after this, but I hope you enjoy this blog post!


(For Youtube, it says thirteen, but Youtube Kids is open for children younger than that age, and Youtube is also open to those with a parent monitored account, etc.)

Jason Voorhees Character Description

Hi, everyone!!

This is my writing task for today. I had to write a paragraph describing one of the three characters that Mr. Moran had picked. I chose Jason Voorhees, a fictional character from Friday the 13th. I don’t know if we were supposed to make the description up, or if it was supposed to be based on the canon personality, but I based it on his actual backstory and stuff. Anyway, enjoy!




Jason was assumedand supposedto be dead after his mother had believed the young boy drowned in Crystal Lake at the age of only eleven. But, she was terribly wrong, and after surviving and becoming a hermit, he had grown up to be an abnormally quiet and large man. With the extreme need to avenge the death of his mother, he haunted Camp Crystal Lake and the area surrounding it, with the intention to slaughter anyone and everyone he encountered.

Hand Span Investigation

Hello, everyone!!

This is my maths task for the week and it was all about measuring the hand span of student’s from Team 5 (but I measured just students from Room 4) and I also had to make a bar graph using the data I collected too.

This task was quite hard to do and it did take me a while since I was busy with other things but I hope you enjoy!


Iced Over Plane Narrative

Hello, everyone!!

This is my literacy task from a few days ago that I didn’t get to post yet, so here it is! I had to write a short narrative with the image shown below using just my imagination. This task was a bit hard as I slightly struggled to keep the story interesting, and I didn’t know where I was going with it, but it was quite fun, too.

The beginning in italic is the short bit that Mr Moran wrote to help us out a little bit!

I hope you enjoy :))


Startled, he thinks it’s a dream. Martin wakes up not knowing what has happened and where he is. The last thing he remembers is eating his plate of bacon and eggs in business class on the Emirates boeing 737, so you can only imagine how he felt when his plane had roughly landed in an isolated and unearthly location.

He felt somewhat relieved that his plane did not get destroyed in the process of crashing. He thought that he could maybe restart the engine and get out of this place, but.. he was wrong. The cockpit was buried nose deep into the thick snow and was iced over, and it didn’t help that the plane was extremely heavy on it’s own.

Martin was petrified; how was he going to get back home now? Chills ran down his spine as he shivered from the freezing cold weather. Oh, how he longed to be back in the comfort of his own home, sipping hot cocoa from a warm mug.

But there was no chance of that being able to happen if he were to spend even just another second standing still, wondering what his life had come to and if he was going to be able to get out of this situation.

Martin was doomed.

Narrative Based on An Image

Hello, everyone!!

For today’s writing task, I had to write a short narrative based on an image. I chose the image added below, and you can see that it definitely gives off a creepy energy. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this short piece of writing :))


Alyvia Jones was as curious as a cat. It was no secret to everybody around her that she was constantly running around town, insisting to herself that there was something waiting to be discovered. Something waiting to be discovered by her.

And because of her odd behaviour, she had no friends.. No, like, seriously. It’s just herself, this skeleton of a creature that she had found in a forest a few weeks ago, and her big brain which she had named “Kelly” when she was younger.

The Sun began to set, slowly disappearing behind a crowd of trees, and a shiver crawled down Alyvia’s spine as a wave of breeze washed over her for a split second. She could feel tiny drops of fresh water leak from the grey clouds above her, and she sighed.

“Come on, Sundrop,” she spoke to the dirty skeleton in her hands. “let’s go.”

It wasn’t until she heard the sound of dry grass crunching together that she had not stopped walking. Slowly spinning herself around to face the large body of water from behind her, Alyvia felt her grip on her pocket knife from inside of her pocket tighten.

With caution, Alyvia took slow and steady steps towards the river, and her eyebrows knitted together once her eyes landed on two filthy hands with dirt caked underneath the long and sharp fingernails.

Alyvia was frozen in place with her breath hitched.

That was when suddenly, the pair of hands helped themself up on their own, and Alyvia realised that something was off..

There was no body connected.

The Korero’s from W1 – W5

Hi, everyone!!

Below are some of the recent korero’s that the other prefects and I (along with some of the house captains for the last and most recent korero) have put together so far. One of our korero’s (“Respond on Time”) was portrayed as a play, so it’s not included in this blog post.

I hope you enjoy :))