Jason Voorhees Character Description

Hi, everyone!!

This is my writing task for today. I had to write a paragraph describing one of the three characters that Mr. Moran had picked. I chose Jason Voorhees, a fictional character from Friday the 13th. I don’t know if we were supposed to make the description up, or if it was supposed to be based on the canon personality, but I based it on his actual backstory and stuff. Anyway, enjoy!




Jason was assumedand supposedto be dead after his mother had believed the young boy drowned in Crystal Lake at the age of only eleven. But, she was terribly wrong, and after surviving and becoming a hermit, he had grown up to be an abnormally quiet and large man. With the extreme need to avenge the death of his mother, he haunted Camp Crystal Lake and the area surrounding it, with the intention to slaughter anyone and everyone he encountered.

2 thoughts on “Jason Voorhees Character Description

  1. Kia ora Aye Myat,
    I like how you mentioned he had the intention to slaughter anyone and everyone he encountered. It’s is also interesting how he was supposedly meant to be dead yet survived for 64 years after being pushed in there by bullies. Because of this Blog post I say well done.

    Best regards: Leonidas

    1. Hi, Leonidas,
      Thank you for the kind words!
      It’s very strange how he survived, yet very interesting, too. Thank you!

      – Aye

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