Day: March 1, 2022

Writing Challenge – March 1

Hi, everyone!!

This was my writing task for the day. I had to write a six sentence story based on the image displayed below whilst also including the four words (which you can also see below) in the story. This task was quite easy and fun to do and I hope you enjoy reading it :))


  • Never
  • Because
  • Eerie
  • Suddenly,

(1) An eerie feeling entrapped me inside of it’s deep silence, and shivers ran down my spine. (2) I could feel each and every individual piece of hair on my body stand up as I travelled further down the alley way. (3) Because I had never gone through this tunnel before, I felt uneasy and my stomach began to bubble. (4) Suddenly, a bright flame of light came into view and I began approaching it with speed. (5) I sighed and relaxed my tense body immediately as I exited the tunnel. (6) Sighing as I continued on my way home, my lips tugged upwards slightly in response to the relief I was feeling.